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Is Deflation Really a Risk Today?

Robert Taylor

Due to the overwhelming number of emails I received in response to my earlier article detailing the behemoth that is the derivative market. The primary question I’m receiving is: does deflation pose a REAL risk today? My response is absolutely….

Ratigan And Fleckenstein Explain The Fed’s Role In Recent Food Price Ignited Revolutions

Robert Taylor

For over a year now, Zero Hedge has been predicting that in its foolhardy attempt of “inflation or bust”, the Fed’s actions would sooner or later lead to mass rioting and possible revolutions as a result of surging and out…

Consumer Credit Rises $6.09 Billion In December, First Revolving Credit Increase Since August 2008

Robert Taylor

After it was already confirmed that December was a subpar month for US retailers (whether snow can be blamed or not is irrelevant), and less money than expected was spent (it’s ok, we no longer need the US consumer to…

“Most Preposterous Chinese Reverse Merger Yet” Follow up: The Forensic Factor Responds To AUTC Management’s “All Clear” Response

Robert Taylor

Last week Zero Hedge presented The Forensic Factor’s latest report focusing on a company which TFF claimed was “The Most Preposterous Chinese Reverse Merger Yet” and discussing the shadier dealings of Chinese reverse merger AutoChina (AUTC). Following a prompt crash…