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NYSE Margin Debt Hits Fresh Post-Lehman High

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As of the end of December, total NYSE margin debt of $276.6 billion hit a fresh post-Lehman high, as increasingly more investors continue to purchase securities on margin (i.e., debt). The $2.5 billion rise from November margin levels is the ..

Charting The “Success” Of QE2

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One chart as usual does more to convey a simple message than all the Fed speeches equating the economy with the Russell 2000 ever could. Below we demonstrate the performance of three key market data points since the August Woods ..

Just How Ugly Is The Truth Of America’s Unemployment: David Rosenberg Explains

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Over the past 3 days America has been battered by one after another apologist explaining just how good the employment data is if one strips out all the “bad”, and how all the “bad” can and should be stripped out ..

RSS How to Save $5000 on Forex Trading Training and Get it Free

Posted in : Forex Trading on by : Robert Andrew 0 This video exposes how so many Forex training programs provide very little useful content for the price and how you can obtain more … all » information for very inexpensive and even for free. This video is part of ..